Hood: Outlaws & Legends is sneaking up on its PlayStation 5 and PS4 release date of 10th May 2021, which means it's time for developer Sumo Digital to detail what sort of content you can expect to play beyond the base package. A large slate of free content is planned for the medieval PvPvE experience, which in combination with a Year 1 Pass for the most committed Hood players, means there should be a ton of stuff to do once you've rolled credits. The trailer above begins to share what to expect post-launch.

For starters, a new map named Mountain will be added to Hood: Outlaws & Legends shortly after its release. It'll be your job to take back a snowy castle from the clutches of a sheriff and their small army. Then, as part of the game's first seasonal update, there will also be a community event to take part in as well as a brand new game mode. Finally, the first season will also include a new character to play as.

As for the Year 1 Pass, the video only makes mention of three Battle Passes containing cosmetic items. Therefore, it sounds like any meaningful content added to the game after launch will be free of charge. Hood: Outlaws & Legends costs £24.99/$29.99 for the base version, or you can opt for a bundle containing the aforementioned Year 1 Pass for £39.99/$49.99. Do you already have a team prepared for release day? Start recruiting if not in the comments below.

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