Last week, you may recall that racing specialist Milestone put out the first gameplay trailer for its upcoming game, Hot Wheels Unleashed. The toy car racer is coming to PlayStation 5 and PS4, and that trailer got us pretty excited. It looks as though the studio, most famous for its extensive work on motorcycle racing titles, is coming good on this licensed game; it looks like it could be super fun with those wide drifts and huge jumps.

In case you wanted to see a little more, GameSpot managed to secure some eight minutes of gameplay from an early build. In the video above, you can see four races on different tracks, all of which take place in the dingy garage setting. It'll be nice to see some more colourful environments, but as it stands, the racing itself looks to be pretty tight. This could be a pleasant surprise when it arrives in September.

What do you think of this early gameplay from Hot Wheels Unleashed? Speed into the comments section below.