Extremely OK Games is possibly not a name you're familiar with, but it's responsible for one of the last generation's best loved indie titles: Celeste. Released in 2018 to glowing praise, the platformer about a girl's mountainous trek is still celebrated today. Fans have no doubt been wondering โ€” what's next?

What's next is Earthblade:

This is all that publicly exists of the game right now. As seen in the tweet, the game is a 2D action/exploration title, set in a "seamless" world full of no doubt gorgeous pixel art. This is a self-described "vibe reveal", showing off a key piece of artwork, the logo, and a snippet of the game's music. It's not much, but it's not nothing, right?

On the studio's website, director and designer Maddy Thorson goes into a little more detail. They write about the studio's struggle to settle on a prototype that was a suitable blend of old and new, but that Earthblade hits the right spot. Thorson also says it'll "be a while" before we see more, and with a vague release of 20XX โ€” i.e. sometime this century โ€” that could be an understatement.

Still, the next game from the Celeste devs is exciting. Hopefully we'll get to see it properly in the near future.

[source exok.com, via twitter.com]