Where the Heart Leads, formally known as Where the Heart Is, is the next game up in Sony's latest Indie Spotlight initiative, with developer Armature Studio confirming the PlayStation 4 game will be out on 13th July 2021. You may notice the trailer above includes PS5 in its title, but that's not actually a native version. The hardware manufacturer is referring to backwards compatibility, which probably isn't the best idea for marketing purposes. Anyway, the game is all about player choice, with a script currently sitting at over 600,000 words that dives into the idea of finding each other.

Studio co-founder and director Todd Keller said over on the PlayStation Blog: "Our game is definitely not for everyone, and we never wanted it to be. It walks its own path, and we deliver it to you with the very best of hopes for you and your loved ones this year." The game has doubled in size compared to the team's original goal of a five-hour journey, with titles such as Heavy Rain, Oxenfree, Xenogears, and Vagrant Story all inspiring the experience. The game will cost $24.99, with a physical release supplied by Perp Games launching on the same day as its digital counterpart.

To learn even more about Where the Heart Leads, you can check out the interview we did last year with Armature Studio. Are you interested in this narrative-focused indie game? Make your choice in the comments below.

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