CI Games’ long-range first-person shooter Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 has set sights on a 4th June release date for PlayStation 5 and PS4, with pre-orders already live at participating retailers. This time, the developer is dialling up the distance to upwards of 1,000 meters, as you “utilise authentic gear and weaponry across large-scale sandbox maps”.

Among its headline features, the sequel promises a “dramatic” campaign set in the Middle East, with “five distinct sandbox maps featuring a variety of fully accessible, interactive areas players can approach their own way”. You’ll have access to a bunch of different gear and utensils, “customisable to fit different styles of play”.

As with the previous instalment, maps are designed around replayability, and you’ll unlock rewards for exploring all of your options. The next-gen version will render at full native 4K resolution, and will boast improved loading times – although there’s no mention of tailored DualSense support. It’ll retail for $39.99/£34.99 on console, which is a refreshing price point to type out these days to be honest.