Despite what you may have heard, creativity isn't dead. As long as games like Shotgun Farmers come along every so often, humanity's ability to concoct new ideas cannot be called into disrepute. What the heck is this thing, then? It's a new online multiplayer PlayStation 4 game, out today in the USA, and it has an interesting concept.

Essentially, when you miss a shot in this game, that stray bullet will hit the earth, and from it, a new weapon will grow. You can see this in action in the above trailer. It means there will be no shortage of plant-based guns at your disposal, and that's a good thing, as there's no reloading. You'll need to rely on the sloppy aiming of other players, or your own tactical misses, to keep yourself supplied.

There are several farm-themed game modes, such as Capture the Pig, King of the Crow, and Chicken Run. A Horde mode is also included if you prefer a more PvE approach. Matches support up to 10 players online, and you can battle bots offline in a practice mode too. What's more, developer Megastorm Games is committed to supporting the game longterm, with lots of content updates.

It looks very silly, but if you're after a more family friendly shooter, this could be worth a look. It's out on the US PlayStation Store now for $9.99, and will presumably come to Europe soon. What do you think of Shotgun Farmers? Crop up in the comments section below.