Savior is what we love about indie games. Completely unknown to us before GamesRadar's latest Future Games Show, this successful Kickstarter project has burst onto our scene thanks to the seriously impressive developer presentation embedded above. Targeting a release in Q4 2022 for PlayStation consoles, it combines flexible and elegant combat and movement mechanics with a beautiful take on pixel art. As Sam, it will be your job to reunite two opposing societies and defeat the reasoning behind their hatred of one another.

Director Weston Tracy focuses on three key pillars during the video overview: combat, movement, and story. Fights are inspired by Punch-Out!!, allowing both you and enemy forces to strike, dodge, and parry. "Opponents strike fast, but they all telegraph their strikes so you'll learn their attack patterns and surely best them over time." Brawls become tougher the more you progress, however, as more enemies attack at once while their hits and swings become harder to read.

Then there's traversal, which allows you to grab ledges and use other characters to build momentum in order to reach higher places. The fluid movement mechanics are powered by dozens of animations, making each jump and leap look and feel unique. Developer Starsoft looks to have done a really, really good job here.

Elsewhere, a branching dialogue system will allow you to select from a list of options during conversations. People's opinions of Sam will change depending on what you select and so too will their mood, with the same going for your actions. "Quests will involve replanting a ravaged countryside, repairing damaged infrastructure, refilling a lake with water, determining a cure from ingredients using lab work etc. Completing these quests will permanently change the game world."

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