Developer Housemarque is back to talk more about upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive Returnal, starting with a new story trailer you can catch above. Expanding on some of the plot points we've caught glimpses of in previous pieces of footage, a few new scenes are teased alongside more fast-paced gameplay. It's shaping up very nicely, we have to say.

Then, over on the PlayStation Blog, narrative designer Greg Louden dives into the detail. He states that the studio's goal was with its first big-budget narrative was to ensure it doesn't compromise gameplay. "Instead it should rationalise, deepen, and blend with it." The goal is to make something you'll discover, replay, and then continue to think about it for days.

Voiced by Jane Perry of the recent Hitman trilogy, Selene goes against orders and lands on the alien planet Atropos in order to follow the "White Shadow" broadcast signal. "Upon arrival she crash lands in an alien forest. Here she discovers the ruins of an alien civilisation filled with statues, gates, xeno-tech, and alien corpses. But she’s not alone. The planet’s surface is teeming with hostile creatures that attack Selene on sight, as well as other threats left by the world’s former inhabitants."

Louden then touches on the mysterious house we've visited in a couple of trailers now, which is said to contain "strange and familiar events" that must be pieced together. You'll also experience the story from different points of view via Xeno-archives. If you'd like to learn even more about the game, be sure to check out our recent interview with Housemarque. Has this latest Returnal trailer gotten you more excited about the PS5 exclusive? Share your thoughts in the comments below.