What's Quantic Dream up to these days? The French studio's last output was Detroit: Become Human in 2018, and we've not really heard much from the developer since. We're sure it's cooking something up that will make PlayStation 5 really sing, but until then, it seems to be focusing on its indie publishing side.

Yes, David Cage's company is a publishing label now too, and has already put out a couple of small games. It's continuing to support indie teams, as it just recently announced a partnership with fellow French studio, Parallel Studio.

The independent developer has worked with Quantic Dream before, using its motion capture facilities for games like White Night and Dark Days. For its next game, Quantic Dream will act as publisher, and will of course bring its cinematic gaming chops to the project.

The game itself, yet to be announced, will be a story driven adventure with "atmospheric and poetic cinematography", which certainly seems to fit. Quantic Dream CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière says the studio was "seduced by the concept". It certainly sounds intriguing — here's hoping the game will make its way to PS5 in the future.

[source hollywoodreporter.com]