MLB The Show 21 will make your Road to the Show career more realistic with the addition of over 180 podcast episodes, spanning your rise from the Minor Leagues all the way to the big time. These dynamic broadcasts – which will utilise full video on PlayStation 5 – will acknowledge feats you achieve in your career, and will include input from real-world MLB Network hosts and former players.

It’s all part of Sony San Diego’s overhaul of the mode, as it looks to centralise your Ballplayer between Road to the Show and Diamond Dynasty. Rather than grinding out stat points, you’ll now be able to build loadouts depending on what you want your player to do in a given scenario. This will give you more flexibility across the entire game, and the developer teases that it’s just the beginning of its plans for this feature.

You’ll also be able to build a two-way player, meaning you’ll be able to both pitch and play as an outfielder, and again there’ll be flexibility in how you want to approach. If you’d like to occasionally pitch but mostly play a position, then you’ll have the option to do that; alternatively, you can be a genuine starting pitcher and still play the outfield if you prefer. As mentioned above, there will be podcast episodes that will discuss your role, and the difficulty of it.

While the jury will perhaps be out on the loadout system, we personally appreciate the unification of Road to the Show and Diamond Dynasty, and we’ve enjoyed it when titles like Madden NFL 21 and NBA 2K21 have got real-world broadcasters involved. You can learn more about MLB The Show 21 in our interview, which includes exclusive new details on the Stadium Creator.