Deliver Us The Moon was a space explorer worth remembering when it launched on PlayStation 4 back in April 2020, so news of an updated version for modern consoles is most welcome. The game will be receiving a native PS5 version at some point in the near future, and anyone who owns it on PS4 will be getting a free upgrade. Details are fairly light right now, but we do know that Deliver Us The Moon will support raytraced shadows and reflections. The announcement was made during the inaugural Wired Direct presentation and skipped key facts such as frame rate and resolution.

A press release makes mention of improved load times, which fixes an issue we had with the original PS4 version. You were made to wait far too long following a death or loading checkpoints, so this updated edition is already in our good books. "Deliver Us the Moon is a short but exciting adventure set in the beautiful depths of space. With the fate of humanity in your hands you’ll feel determined to see things through to the end. There’s a good variety of puzzles you’ll need to solve, and while none of them are particularly difficult, the real pleasure is in seeing what new wonders the game has in store for you in each area", we concluded in our 8/10 PS4 review.

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