Assassin's Creed Valhalla Reda Shop Improvements

Ubisoft is making some improvements to Reda's shop in Assassin's Creed Valhalla. The mysterious young man currently offers three different items on a weekly basis, with the selection changing every Tuesday. These items are taken from the various weapon, armour, and cosmetic packs that can be purchased from the Animus Store with real money.

To buy them from Reda, you spend an in-game currency called Opal, which can be obtained by completing both weekly and daily quests, as well as Ubisoft Connect challenges. The whole system's designed to keep players coming back on a regular basis.

Starting from the 30th March 2021, Reda will offer six items instead of three. What's more, the Opal price of cosmetic items (longship skins, tattoos, and settlement decorations) is being lowered to 35 Opals each. It's a welcome move, as players have been requesting a more varied in-game store since the game's launch last year.

Hopefully the developer continues to improve Valhalla as we approach the launch of its first major DLC, Wrath of the Druids.