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One thing we’ve noticed since the turn of the year is that PlayStation 5 ports are popping up out of nowhere. You’ll recall The Sinking City launching on Sony’s next-gen console in New Zealand this week – before it was even announced by developer Frogwares. Now, two Trophy lists have emerged: Mortal Shell and Hunting Simulator 2.

The former, a Souls-like by Cold Symmetry, launched on the PlayStation 4 last year – and we liked it a lot. “After a steep learning curve, its combat is challenging but fascinating, and with a great sense of reward once you master it. It might be a little too similar to Dark Souls in terms of overall tone and style, but it brings enough new ideas functionally to make it stand out from the crowd,” we explained in our 8/10 review.

We never covered Hunting Simulator 2, but the Nacon published first-person niche is fairly well regarded for its vibrant presentation and attention to detail. Neither game has a release date just yet, but usually when Trophy sets hit Sony’s servers, it means they’re imminent. We’ll check in with the appropriate parties and see if we can learn more.

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