Metro Exodus PS5

Developer 4A Games has detailed what to expect from this year's PlayStation 5 upgrade for Metro Exodus, and it all sounds like a pretty meaty enhancement. As a baseline, the post-apocalyptic experience will run at a 4K resolution with support for 60 frames-per-second. This will be delivered as a free upgrade for owners of the PlayStation 4 version at some point later in the year.

Elsewhere, the PS5 DualSense controller will be supported with haptic feedback. As the studio puts it: "Anyone who’s frantically tried to pump up the pressure on their Tikhar in the middle of a pitched battle will be able to imagine the kind of thing we’re aiming for!" The original game and both pieces of DLC will feature the studio's own Ray Traced Global Illumination and Ray Traced Emissive Lighting alongside "dramatically reduced" load times. Then there'll also be additional polish, quality of life upgrades, and the ability to adjust the game's field of view.

Back when we reviewed Metro Exodus on PS4 back in 2019, a 6/10 rating was awarded due to numerous glitches and very long load times. It sounds like this enhanced PS5 version will address those technical setbacks. Will you be returning to Metro Exodus on PS5 or experiencing it for the first time? Survive the cold in the comments below.