Destruction AllStars PS5 PlayStation 5

Destruction AllStars is Sony's next major PS5 exclusive, and it arrives tomorrow as part of your PlayStation Plus lineup for February. With the emphasis firmly on online multiplayer, this is probably one of those games you'll want to have installed on your PS5's SSD so you can nip in every now and then for a quick match. The trouble is, that SSD is pretty small in capacity. Is this game going to take up much space?

According to one PS5 owner, it's actually relatively small. A Reddit user by the name of Caenir lives in New Zealand, where it's already 2nd February, and they've downloaded and started playing Destruction AllStars. Caenir claims that the game's install size amounts to 28.32GB. That's not bad at all when you consider some PS5 titles can take up about 150GB alone.

Are you happy to hear this? Will you keep Destruction AllStars installed on your PS5 for quick access? Brace those data caps in the comments section below.