Next-gen storage solutions for your retro console

We still remember buying our very first PS1 memory card, which included a staggering 128 kilobytes of space. The console would present storage as “blocks”, and games like Gran Turismo could eventually bloat to filling the entire card. It was a different time back then, and you’d almost certainly need multiple memory cards if you planned to play a lot of games.

Fortunately, it’s now 2021, and if you’re still playing your PS1, there are solutions for you. Take the MemCard Pro by 8BitMods – it’s a “next-gen” memory card for Sony’s first ever console which allows you to connect a MicroSD card of any size and enjoy practically unlimited storage space. “Each gigabyte of storage on your MicroSD equals to a whopping 8,192 memory cards,” the blurb reads.

There’s more to this accessory than pure storage, however. It’s got a Wi-Fi chip and an LED display, so you can manage your data from a web browser on your computer or phone. Furthermore, future firmware updates are planned that will allow you to back up your progress both locally and through a cloud-based interface. No more corrupt data, then!

There are a few minor caveats: it doesn’t work with PS2 Slim models, or with the PS3 memory card adaptor. It also costs £59.99 which, admittedly, won’t break the bank – but it’s probably on the upper-end of what you’d want to pay for PS1 memory these days, and you’ll need to source your own MicroSD. Nevertheless, pre-orders are open now – you can grab your own through here.