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Here’s a dilemma we face every day here at Push Square: a lot of articles get written about Sony’s console, many of them by prestigious websites, but delve deeper into the story and, well, it’s not always what it first seems. We have a responsibility to be accurate, but also a lot of these reports pick up pace among those with a less critical eye. So, what do we do?

This is one of those articles that’s gone big over the past 24 hours: Naughty Dog was, apparently, at one point, working on a PlayStation 5 patch for The Last of Us: Part II. Well, that’s not particularly surprising really, is it? Ghost of Tsushima also got a massive upgrade for the next-gen console, and only released one month after Ellie’s sophomore outing.

Here’s the rub, though: the source is a user called Navtra on ResetEra. Apparently this member accurately predicted portions of last year’s PS5 Showcase, so that’s where their credibility comes from – but even they don’t seem certain about what’s going on with Naughty Dog’s exclusive. “I know a patch was in the works at some point but I'm not sure if it's still happening or when,” they wrote.

So this is, ultimately, a nothing story – the source is already suspect, but even if they were 100 per cent reliable, it’s not really confirmation of anything. Incidentally, the same poster also reckons an extended edition of Death Stranding is due out on PS5 at some point this year. While both of these rumours could turn out to be true, we’d approach all of these reports with strong scepticism.

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