Kena Bridge Of Spirits PS5

Sony didn't have any PlayStation 5 announcements of its own to make at CES 2021, but that didn't stop a sizzle reel trailer of upcoming titles from revealing an absolute ton of release windows. We've got a lot to get through here, so let's just dive straight into things. Firstly, Solar Ash is now slated to arrive on PS5 in June 2021. Then there's Kena: Bridge of Spirits in March 2021 (just two months away!), Stray will launch in October 2021, and the same goes for Ghostwire: Tokyo. Little Devil Inside is currently targeting July 2021, and Square Enix's Project Athia will hit PS5 in January 2022.

Here's a full rundown in convenient bullet-point form for those of you who need one:

That's a very welcome update, isn't it? Which game are you looking forward to most? Share your list in the comments below.