Hitman 3 Deluxe Pack PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Hitman 2 had some seriously strong post-release support. For around £32.99/$39.99 – or as part of the premium priced Gold Edition – the Expansion Pass granted you two full sandbox maps (New York and Haven Island) which continued the plot of the main game, as well as a couple of Sniper Assassin locations (Hantu Port and Siberia), two costumes, a bunch of items, and four Special Assignment missions. Good stuff, right?

Hitman 3’s Deluxe Pack, by comparison, is looking like a total rip-off. It’s not that the contents are bad, it’s just that the price doesn’t really work out based on the above: IO Interactive is charging £28.99/$34.99 for six Escalations, three suits and items, a Digital Soundtrack, and a Digital Artbook. You do also get the Director’s Commentary which is cool, but it’s hardly comparable with the Danish developer’s efforts for Hitman 2.

Obviously, you can save some money by outright buying the Hitman 3: Deluxe Edition, but even then we’re not sure how the developer’s justifying the price here. There’ll be discounts in the future, of course, but this doesn’t look like good value for money at all right now.