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How many ICA Agents do you have to eliminate in the Apex Predator mission in Berlin in Germany in Hitman 3? The first time you play this mission, you'll be informed you need to eliminate an undisclosed number of ICA Agents. However, there are no Mission Stories to guide you, and you'll have no intel on your targets. Worse still, as they're ICA Agents, it means they'll be adopting the disguises and routines over other people in Berlin. As part of our Hitman 3 guide, we're going to explain how many ICA Agents you have to eliminate in Berlin, and where you can find them.

Hitman 3: How Many ICA Agents Do You Have to Eliminate in Berlin?

You need to eliminate 5 ICA Agents to complete the Berlin mission, but there are 11 in total within the level. The operatives are difficult to locate because they all assume disguises in the same way that Agent 47 can. This means that you need to analyse their routines and pay attention to what they're saying. Undercover agents will communicate regularly with their ICA handler, marking them as targets for Agent 47 to eliminate. All of the ICA Agents are enforcers, but keep in mind that not all enforcers are undercover agents.

The ICA Agents located in Berlin are as follows:

  • Agent Price
  • Agent Rhodes: The Veteran
  • Agent Swan: The Swan Song
  • Agent Banner: The Wall
  • Agent Tremaine: The Sniper
  • Agent Green: The Scout
  • Agent Thames: The Professional
  • Agent Chamberlin: The Joker
  • Agent Montgomery: The Leader
  • Agent Lowenthal: The Englishman
  • Agent Davenport: The Rookie

Below is a general guide detailing where to find them, but do keep in mind that all of these operatives move about the environment, so depending on how you approach the position they may be in a different location.

Agent Price

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Agent Price is the first ICA Agent you'll encounter when you exit the forest area. This is effectively a gimme to get you started with the Apex Predator mission.

Agent Rhodes: The Veteran

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You'll find him wandering around the Grow House area, on Level 1, in the abandoned warehouse where the Bikers are assembled.

Agent Swan: The Swan Song

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You'll find him in the Chill Out area, near to the canal behind the bar, where the fairy garden is located. He's wearing shorts so is relatively easy to identify.

Agent Banner: The Wall

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Overlooking the dance floor, disguised as Tech Staff working on the lighting rig. You can push him over the edge for an Accidental Kill.

Agent Tremaine: The Sniper

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You'll find him in the Sniper Nest, at the top of the abandoned warehouse area with Bikers, inspecting his sniper rifle which is overlooking the Juice Bar area.

Agent Green: The Scout

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He's on the roof of the club, overlooking the Chill Out area. You can access him by taking the staff staircase, and he's easy to eliminate due to the lack of people in this sector.

Agent Thames: The Professional

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Located near to the Back Entrance, wandering around in a Club Crew disguise. He'll patrol this area, which is largely unoccupied, making for a relatively straightforward kill.

Agent Chamberlin: The Joker

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Patrolling the perimeter of the Dance Floor dressed in Security clothing. He occasionally wanders out into quieter areas and the Basement Bar, where you can take your opportunity to eliminate him.

Agent Montgomery: The Leader

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Dressed as Head Security, he moves around the Dance Floor and the surround staircase area, including the main security room.

Agent Lowenthal: The Englishman

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In the garage part of the abandoned warehouse, which has been occupied by bikers. You can use the Radio to distract him, or assume the role of a Food Delivery man, who's in the Juice Bar area.

Agent Davenport: The Rookie

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You'll find him drinking with other clubbers in the Chill Out area. He tends to walk backwards and forwards between this position and the Red Toilet.

Did you eliminate all the ICA Agents in Apex Predator mission in Berlin in Germany in Hitman 3? Be sure to browse our Hitman 3 guide, and let us know in the comments section below.