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Over the course of the past half-decade or so, Hitman’s excellent World of Assassination trilogy has been one of the best-supported series in the industry. Whether it’s full-scale expansions, special assignments, time-limited targets, or additional Escalations and challenge packs, the game has grown immensely.

However, Danish developer IO Interactive has been surprisingly quiet about its post-release plans for Hitman 3, and we’d started to think it may not have any. That’s not the case, fortunately – it just hasn’t decided what it will look like yet. Speaking as part of an interview with The Gamer, executive producer Forest Swartout Large said that the team’s “continuously working on Hitman”.

“We are definitely going to be doing some DLC, but we haven’t defined what that is,” he said. “I think for now we are not looking at new maps like the Bank and the Haven Island. We’re more looking at using existing locations and reimagining them, twisting them. And this time around, we can use the whole trilogy. We can look back at Hitman 2016 maps, Hitman 2 maps – we have all the locations.”

IO Interactive has created missions in the past that use the same general areas, but alter the time of day and your targets. It’s also completely reinvented some scenes, like the movie set in Sapienza or the Halloween Escalation in Hawke’s Bay. We’d definitely like to see more of this kind of stuff, and we reckon it would be fun to bring back all the Elusive Targets permanently, too.

What kind of post-release content would you like to see out of Hitman 3? As Large says, there’s absolutely loads the developer could do, so while we appreciate that it’s primarily focused on Project 007 right now, we hope it adds to the already enormous World of Assassination trilogy for a little while longer yet.

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