Capcom keeps on trying to make multiplayer a thing for Resident Evil when what it should be doing is focusing on a reboot of the PlayStation 2 Outbreak sub-series. However, until that happens, we've got Resident Evil Re:Verse to put up with. The free multiplayer mode bundled in with Resident Evil Village is currently conducting a closed beta, providing us with the first glimpses of what it really plays like. Gameplay clips are starting to be uploaded to YouTube, and you can check out a full match in the video embedded above.

Six minutes of footage reveals that the comic-book art style which became a talking point upon the mode's reveal can actually be toggled off if you wish. Gameplay then shows Claire Redfield taking down various undead monsters and famous villains from games past, including Jack Baker from Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Most interestingly, you'll turn into a monster for a limited time once you die, allowing you to continue dealing damage to online enemies and racking up points. What you turn into is based on how many Virus Samples you collected before dying — the more you accrue the more powerful the foe you become is.

If you didn't manage to grab a spot in the Resident Evil Re:Verse closed beta, don't forget that you can still get a taste of Resident Evil Village with the maiden demo if you own a PlayStation 5. That's available on the PlayStation Store right now, with another demo planned for the future that everyone can access. The multiplayer mode in question will remain a PlayStation 4 game, however, with backwards compatibility offering PS5 players a path to experience it.

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