PS5 Backwards Compatibility PlayStation 5 1

A new website created to catalogue the improvements to PlayStation 4 games running via backwards compatibility on the PlayStation 5 should help you to get your backlog in order. So far, has tested 577 games, determining how performance fares across PS5, PS4 Pro, and PS4. This includes resolution, framerate, and various other details. It’s all largely based on the excellent work of Liabe Brave and various other members from ResetEra, who have been compiling backwards compatibility data on the website since the system’s launch last November.

The site has tagged titles which perform best on Sony’s new system, like Ghost of Tsushima, which delivers a locked 60 frames-per-second on the next-gen device. The tests also detail any potential graphical issues, like Fallout 4, for example, which is said to experience “occasional glitches at the top of the screen”.

It’s extremely exhaustive, with tons of data on resolution, framerate, and much more. While it does only cover the aforementioned 577 games, it’s being regularly updated, and it looks like the goal is to cover all 3,125 games available in the PS4’s catalogue eventually. We’d definitely recommend browsing this if you own a PS5 and you want to see how a particular title runs.