We've been quietly looking forward to Cyber Shadow, a side-scrolling action platformer published by Yacht Club Games. Set in a cyberpunk dystopia, you play as a ninja rescuing your clan and Mekacity from synthetic baddies. Putting us in mind of games like Ninja Gaiden and, more recently, The Messenger, this looks to be a top notch action title.

Good news, then, that it isn't too far away. As revealed in the above trailer, the game finally has a concrete release date. It's heading to both PlayStation 5 and PS4 on 26th January 2021. The PS5 version is newly announced too, but we expect this will be a rare case where the game will look and perform the same on both platforms.

Are you looking forward to Cyber Shadow on PS5 and PS4? Slash your way to the comments section below.

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