Devolver Digital sure does love pixelated action games, doesn't it? The publisher is back with another, this time from indie team Skeleton Crew Studio. It's called Olija, and going by the above trailer, it looks pretty darn cool.

Playing as a young lord named Faraday, you leave your starving town in search of food. Of course, things quickly go wrong; Faraday and his crew are shipwrecked and marooned in a mysterious, hostile land named Terraphage. What ensues is a fraught action title, arming you with a harpoon gun against enemies of all shapes and sizes. You'll need to explore Terraphage and discover its mysteries in a quest to return home.

The game isn't too far away, either. It's coming to PlayStation 4 on 28th January 2021, in just over a month's time. We're definitely intrigued by this one, but what do you think? Will you be checking out Olija?