Gran Turismo 7 PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Oh, yeah! Gran Turismo 7 has been announced for the PlayStation 5, hasn’t it? The best news: it could be coming out pretty soon. That’s certainly what some simulation racing fans think, after spotting a disclaimer on a French advertisement for the game which says: “Sortie prévue pour la première moitié de 2021.” Assuming you don’t speak the lingo, a translation reads: “Release scheduled for the first half of 2021.”

That would peg the title anywhere from January through June or so, adding to a killer 2021 software slate for Sony’s next-gen console. Of course, plans can change – especially now COVID-19 has made the world such a complicated place. Clearly the title is not a million miles away, though, which is seriously exciting news as you can’t beat a bit of Gran Turismo, can you?

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