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This is an interesting little story. Recruitment experts Executives have crunched some data, and apparently, the majority of those getting a PlayStation 5 have taken time off work to celebrate the launch.

We wouldn't take this all too seriously, as the data is based on a thread from the PS5 subreddit, but this is still a neat statistic. According to Executives, 66 per cent of PS5 fans have planned at least a day's holiday for the next-gen console's arrival. The website reports that some are taking off weeks from work in order to spend time with the PS5.

About 31 per cent opted not to skip work on PS5's launch day, while a minority of just two per cent say they'll be pulling a sickie. Again, the source of these stats is nearly 500 fans on the subreddit, so we're sure things are skewed towards hardcore fans in this case. Most people who will get a PS5 will probably be working on the 12th / 19th November, but it seems there are plenty of early adopters who won't let their jobs get in the way.

Anyway, it's got us curious. Have you booked a day off, or maybe more, for PS5's launch? Vote in our poll, and give us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Have you booked time off work for the PS5 launch?