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While many of you will be eagerly anticipating delivery of your PlayStation 5 this week, spare a thought for the millions of others who’ve been unable to secure a pre-order. Fortunately, it looks like you’ll have the opportunity to order online this coming 12th November, as various retailers have indicated that they’ll be replenishing their stock this coming Thursday.

For example, Walmart will be opening orders at 12:00PM ET, 3:00PM ET, 6:00PM ET, and 9PM ET. That’s three opportunities to snag yourself a system! There’s more information here:

Meanwhile, Newegg has teased that it’ll have new systems available for order from 12:01AM ET on 12th November as well. There are no multiple time slots here, so it's fastest finger first we're afraid:

We’re sure that others will follow soon. Are you still hoping to grab a PS5 before Christmas? Devise a purchase plan in the comments section below.

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