We suppose it was going to happen eventually in this social media world: fans are now livestreaming their attempts to secure PS5 stock. Imagine our surprise when YouTube recommended us a video earlier today of one gamer named Poy refreshing the PlayStation Direct page. We checked the video history and, at the time of typing, he’s been at it for five-and-a-half hours!

There are some parts of the video with commentary, while others parts are just him refreshing and being told there’s no stock available. Obviously, it doesn’t make for the most riveting viewing ever, but we suppose it speaks to the demand of Sony’s device that this is the length people are willing to go to get one. The amazing thing is that this is already his second attempt; he did a three-hour stream earlier in the week.

Perhaps he’d be more sensible if he referred to our PS5 stock guide, or looked into how to get PS5 stock notifications. Either way, we hope he’s able to get a console soon!

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