Not only will next month's Monster Hunter film be hitting cinemas across the globe (where they're actually open), but Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is also saying hello to Milla Jovovich with a special crossover event that allows you to play as the character herself. Starting 3rd December 2020, two new quests will become available to anyone who is Master Rank 1 or above. Both will stick around until the end of 2021, so you've got plenty of time to complete them.

The first mission tasks you with defeating a Black Diablos while the second is all about taking down a Rathalos. Each rewards an armour set, but there's also bonus content to be picked up at the end of it all. Get your hands on a new guild card background, guild card poses, and more guild card titles for finishing both quests. Separately, there is also a bonus item pack simply for logging in during the event's time period. That one contains loads of resources.

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