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Update (29th November, 2020): An increasing number of customers are dissatisfied after Kohl’s voided the Kohl’s Cash they were promised after the company cancelled a wave of PlayStation 5 orders. To be clear, it seems that the company is still honouring the $180 credit earned from a single console order, but those who had multiple console purchases cancelled will not be able to stack the Kohl’s Cash.

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While this does, technically, renege on the retailer's original promise, it ultimately reserves the right to do this. Either way, a quick glance at the firm’s Twitter replies suggests it's going to have to deal with an increasing number of already disgruntled customers.

Original Story (22nd November, 2020): The Internet exploded earlier today after Kohl’s unexpectedly listed PlayStation 5 consoles for sale. The American retailer was flogging Sony’s next-gen console in bundles alongside an additional DualSense controller and a copy of the superhero open worlder Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales for $639.99. Unfortunately, it looks like it blew past its PS5 stock allocation.

Thousands of people purchased a system from the store, but some of those orders are now being cancelled. There are reports all over the web of Kohl’s contacting consumers, telling them that the item is no longer available. For example, it happened to this person on Reddit:

And an identical email was shared by this user on Twitter:

The good news is that if you’re eligible for Kohl’s Cash, then you’ll get to keep any credit that you made as part of this order – regardless of whether it gets cancelled or not. Nevertheless, the hunt for PS5 stock rumbles on for many – let’s hope Sony can stay true to its word and ship more systems soon, eh?

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