Sony's always keeping us on our toes these days. A surprise State of Play on a Saturday afternoon? Why not? Of course, we're very pleased to see this — a proper look at Demon's Souls, one of PlayStation 5's flagship launch titles.

Bluepoint Games' Gavin Moore talks us through a 12-minute gameplay video, which starts right from the main menu screen. We get a quick look at the character creator, which looks like a substantial upgrade over the original, before we get into the game proper. It's worth noting how fast the game loads from the Nexus into one of the levels; just a few seconds and the game has shifted scenes.

It continues to look stunning, too, and it runs beautifully smooth in performance mode. Moore says the game makes full use of PS5's capabilities, including Tempest 3D audio, haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers.

We'll leave you to watch the State of Play for yourselves. What do you think of Demon's Souls? Does this get you excited to play on launch day? Tell us in the comments section below.