We're big fans of Hotshot Racing here at Push Square Towers. The indie arcade racing game wonderfully scratches that Ridge Racer/Burnout itch we've been having for most of PlayStation 4's lifespan. If you're after a fast, drifty, arcadey racer, it comes highly recommended. It's great news, then, that it's getting a little bigger with a free DLC pack.

Launching on PS4 and other platforms today, the Big Boss DLC pack is freely available to all players. It brings a bunch of new content to the game, most notably four new tracks and a new grand prix. Another major addition is a new mode named Barrel Barrage, which has you racing while avoiding exploding barrels dropped by your competitors. You can see these new tracks and modes in the above trailer.

It's a decent content boost, and very nice for zero pennies. Will you be checking out the Big Boss DLC for Hotshot Racing? Zoom into the comments section below.