There’s no real surprise here, but renowned Trophy hunter Hakoom has already hit the new PlayStation Trophy level cap of 999, meaning he’s one of a select few sitting in the Platinum tier. The veteran – who has 2,687 Platinum Trophies at the time of typing, and earns around 1,000 Trophies every month – is no stranger to level caps, having maxed out the previous level limit of 100 for many years.

Hakoom’s achievements have been recognised multiple times by the Guinness Book of World Records, and his PlayStation Network profile makes for some impressive reading. For instance, he’s played 3,616 games to date, and has a completion percentage of 92.61 per cent. That means, he 100 per cent finishes virtually every game he plays. To compare, this author has played 1,579 games and has a completion percentage of 30.78 per cent. Mad!

You can find a little more about what Trophy hunters think of the new format in our interview with Brian English of PS5Trophies fame through the link. Are you impressed by Hakoom’s level? Rub your eyes in the comments section below.

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