Here's a cute little game to look forward to. Monster Sanctuary, published by Team 17 and developed by Moi Rai Games, is a metroidvania RPG about collecting, raising, and battling monsters. That might sound familiar to Pokemon fans, but going by this new trailer, it looks to function pretty differently.

You play as a young monster keeper, and must build up a team of beasts as you unravel a mystery and fight baddies and all that usual jazz. Each monster has its own skill tree, and you can engage in 3v3, turn-based combat. Using some of your monsters' skills, you'll be able to uncover new portions of the map, too.

It looks pretty cool, doesn't it? Fortunately, it's not too far away. It launches on 8th December 2020, so there's only a handful of weeks to go. What do you think of Monster Sanctuary? Tell us in the comments section below.