Here’s your first taste of the PlayStation 5 menu music for two first-party launch titles: Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls. This audio was uploaded to Sony’s servers recently as it prepares for the exclusives to release next month, and was shared on YouTube. From what we understand, this audio will work similarly to on the PlayStation 4, where some titles had custom music when you scroll down for more information on the dashboard.

With regards to Insomniac Games’ spin-off, we get a mixture of orchestral music with a ripping hip-hop beat, which fits Miles Morales perfectly. Then the Demon’s Souls audio is a remix of the famous Maiden in Black song, which is a bit faster and more filled out. You can compare to the original version through here. What do you think of these new soundtracks? Bob your head in the comments section below.