Wait a goddamn minute! Cancel that PlayStation 5 launch, because there are more important matters to deal with on 12th November: Esports Life Tycoon is the latest from the team behind YouTuber’s Life, and it simulates the routine of a professional video game team. “Enjoy the everyday life of a professional esports team,” the blurb reads. “Manage your own squad, expand your gaming house, and defeat official esports teams to become the best manager in the world!”

As the press release mentions, you’ll be operating as a manager for your squad, so you’ll need to recruit the best rookie talent and also convince reigning champions to your join your roster. “Master champions, work on the team chemistry, analyse opponents... And do not skip breakfast! After all, the best teams are more than the sum of its parts, and teamplay (and a proper diet) is what separates a good team from a truly great one.”

As with YouTuber’s Life, you’ll start out with a single bedroom-based competitor, but work up the ranks and you’ll be able to purchase your own training space as your team takes on the best esports players in the world. “Psychologists, coaches, marketing managers… All sorts of professionals will join you on your path to glory!” Well, we sure know what we’re playing on 12th November now. What about you?

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