It's been a while since the last major update to Dreams, but Media Molecule is of course still plugging away at its make-'em-up PlayStation 4 title. The latest patch brings the game to version 2.18, and it's all about music.

The major additions in this update consist of a huge range of new instruments to toy with when you're making tunes, and all existing instruments have had a balance pass to ensure they're of a consistent volume. There are also new music clips for you to drop into your creations, as well as new full compositions if you don't have a musical ear. Effect Fields have also been overhauled, with new options that audiophiles will surely appreciate.

As well as all the new musical additions, the game has had some other enhancements in different areas. Here are the patch notes for the rest:

  • Controller Sensor Motion Controller Mappings: A new addition to the controller sensor tweak menu, displaying the button mapping for motion controllers (as applicable).
  • VR Subtitle Positioning: A new option in My Preferences to adjust the position of subtitles when in VR.
  • Disable Comfort Mode: Creators will now have the option to temporarily turn off a player’s Comfort Mode setting if their creation is not compatible. Players will receive notice of this before continuing.
  • Basic AIM Controller Support: AIM controllers will now function when connected, interpreted as a wireless controller.
  • How to... Label: A new How To... video focused on labelling your VR creations correctly. Watch here
  • Controller Compatibility Labelling: A new option to specify the controller(s) your creation is intended for.
  • Updated: Changes to VR labels, providing clearer information on ratings and compatibility (e.g. Non-VR has changed to TV Only). The changes are highlighted on an in-game screen (see screenshot).
  • Updated: You can now choose more gizmo types for the Hand/Imp Tracker (wireless controller, motion controllers, wireless controller - VR, motion controllers - VR). All these options show imps, sized and positioned appropriately for controller, but the VR options also show the controllers, positioned and sized for VR.
  • Updated: A reminder to new VR players that Reel operates differently in Play and Create modes.
  • Removed: The ‘Welcome Dreamers’ page when booting up Dreams.

The patch is just 783MB, so it won't take you long to get it downloaded. It's available now, so the musically inclined among you will have lots to experiment with next time you start up Dreams. Are you excited for these new features and additions? Sing along in the comments section below.