Demon's Souls PS5

Demon’s Souls will largely play identically to its PlayStation 3 predecessor on the PlayStation 5, but Bluepoint Games is making some subtle changes to improve the experience on Sony’s next-gen console. One addition is the now-obligatory Photo Mode, which creative director Gavin Moore told Polygon is “exceptionally amazing in-depth”.

“People want to share their experiences – the tragedies of, ‘Oh my god, I died again,’ or your trials as you succeed with your friends,” Moore explained. “There are some other modes in there as well, that I won’t talk about, I will let the fans find out for themselves. But we definitely want to see what people create using the Photo Mode.”

A neat touch is that you’ll be able to apply filters to the game, and much like Ghost of Tsushima, you can keep these enabled throughout the entire campaign. One of these filters has been inspired by the original PS3 game: “If you like the starkness and the despair of the original version, then we have a bunch of filters that you can choose from and play the game [that way].”

There’s also a black-and-white filter, among others that the developer is keeping secret for now. However, Moore insists that people stick with the default look to begin with: “If the fans could just play the game the way that we made it, then I would ask that they would do that. I’d be very grateful. Though after that, play the game how you like to play it, please.”