With the launch of the PlayStation 5 slowly approaching, you may be thinking about how you can upgrade your gaming setup to take full advantage of the next-generation hardware. Sony will be offering its own Pulse 3D wireless headset alongside the console, but what if you're looking for something even more high-end? JBL, the leading supplier of personal audio, today enters the gaming headset market with the launch of its Quantum One series. This range is confirmed to be compatible with both PS5 and PlayStation 4, bringing with it spatial sound and 3D soundscapes.

"With sound and communications playing a more critical role than ever in gaming, it’s time to trust the experts in audio. With 7 game-changing headsets and one PC speaker ranging from 39.99 Euros to 249 Euros, JBL Quantum series has something for every gamer out there, amateur or pro, console, PC or mobile", a press release reads. The Quantum series of headsets also include head tracker sensors, but compatibility with PlayStation hardware isn't something we were able to confirm. For the full range of JBL Quantum headsets, head on through this link.

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