John Wick Hex PS4

When the PlayStation Store wants to go for it, boy does it. The latest sale to hit the digital storefront is incredibly vast, discounting a ludicrous amount of PlayStation 4 indie games down to some pretty absurd prices. We've got a long list of titles available for less than £1.99/$2.49 while bigger independent hits can be grabbed at cheap prices too. There does seem to be a discrepancy over how long this sale actually lasts -- the EU PlayStation Store lists an expiry date of 9th September 2020 while the US counterpart puts it a month later on 9th October. We're sure the PlayStation Blog post later today will clear that up. However, until then, all of these discounts are live across both regional storefronts. Let's take a look at what we've got then.

The recent John Wick Hex has already received a decent discount down to £11.19/$13.99, Knights and Bikes is a great deal at £13.59/$14.99, and MediEvil is just £12.49/$14.99. Enjoyable co-op title Moving Out can be snagged for £13.99/$17.49, the excellent Mutazione can be yours for £10.49/$14.99, and Pathologic 2 may lead to some nightmares at £17.39/$20.99. Strategy title Phantom Doctrine is just £6.59/$9.99, Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is £9.59/$11.99, while GRIS comes in at £5.59/$6.79. The Messenger represents another great deal at £7.99/$9.99, Virginia is down to just £2.39/$3.99, and Yoku's Island Express is £5.43/$6.79.

And then there are the absolute bargains. AereA, Downwell, Energy Cycle, Hatoful Boyfriend, Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition, Hitman GO, I Am Bread, Lara Croft GO, Not A Hero, Pixeljunk Monsters 2, Slender: The Arrival, and Thomas Was Alone are all less than £1.99/$2.49.

Since neither the PlayStation Blog post nor the sale page detailing these discounts are live at the time of writing, you can check out PS Prices for the entire list of new PS4 offers. Brace yourself, there is so much more than what we've managed to list above. Don't worry though, the discounts are live right now. Which games will you be picking up on the cheap? Post your digital haul in the comments below.