It's a quiet Wednesday afternoon, and Bethesda has taken the opportunity to spotlight a fun feature in DOOM Eternal. The bloody first person shooter looks great as it is on PlayStation 4, but if you like, you can swap out the default visuals for something a little different. There are various render modes available in the game that can give the game an all-new look.

As you can see in the above video, some of these filters are pretty extreme. Retro Handheld puts a Game Boy green layer over the violence, while Classic makes the game look like it's running on limited colours. Some are more subtle; VHS, Cinematic, and Gritty look to make smaller style changes. These filters are always fun to tinker with, though, and hey, you might find something you prefer over the default setting.

Will you be doing a Black and White run of DOOM Eternal? Tell us your favourite Render Mode in the comments section below.

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