Rockstar's big update for Red Dead Online is now live on PlayStation 4. The headline act here is an all-new Frontier Pursuit -- or job -- that players can adopt. The Naturalist is all about tracking down and either hunting or studying wild animals, which adds to a newly implemented 'Animal Field Guide'. It all sounds rather in-depth (and possibly very time consuming).

Adding to this is the introduction of legendary animals. As The Naturalist, you'll eventually be able to seek these beasts out and catalogue their existence.

The update also brings a number of improvements to Red Dead Online. The official blog post reads: "Today's update also brings over 250 fixes, balancing adjustments, and general improvements to Red Dead Online. These include solutions to address camp and animal spawn issues, improvements to matchmaking and team sorting methods for Showdown lobbies, and more." New open world events have been added as well.

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