Is Bloodborne getting a PC port? Some scattershot sources certainly think so, but PC fans will have to sit tight for now, and play Yarntown instead. Developed by Max Mraz, Yarntown reimagines FromSoftware's action RPG by way of old Legend of Zelda games. You can watch a lengthy gameplay video above, or just check out this quick clip from the creator on Twitter:

It presents the Old Yharnam area of the game in a cutesy pixel art style, with a top-down view. The thick atmosphere and blood-soaked aesthetic is dialled back, but it's otherwise a great recreation of the game's map -- or part of it, at least. We love seeing one of PS4's most beloved exclusives in a demake like this.

Yarntown is available to play on PC for free. Max Mraz is also busy developing a PC title named Ocean's Heart, which you can learn more about through here.

What do you think of Yarntown? Slash some pixels in the comments section below.

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