Nowhere Prophet PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Deck-building card games are becoming more popular these days. Games such as Slay the Spire are popping up all over the place, offering a blend of random elements and strategy as you slowly create a powerful combination of cards. Nowhere Prophet is another such game heading to PlayStation 4.

This title, which released last year on PC to high acclaim, is about crossing a post apocalyptic wasteland in search of the Crypt, a sanctuary away from the dangers of the outside world. You lead a group of bandits in this search, and every character is represented as a card in your deck.

As you progress through randomly generated maps, you'll collect more cards, but if defeated in battle, they're gone for good. It's a game that has you dealing with the dangers of travel and combat, and permadeath means not everyone will make it.

You can upgrade your deck, manage resources, and learn new skills for battles. It seems pretty in-depth -- we're curious to give it a try when the game comes to PS4 on 30th July.

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