Here's an interesting story. Media Molecule, developer of the powerful PlayStation 4 creation game Dreams, worked with music artist Noah Cyrus to make an original video for her song, 'July'. It's part of a Sony Collaboration series, in which the company's various branches come together to work on a joint project. In this case, the American singer-songwriter teamed up with the British studio to craft a music video entirely within Dreams. You can watch the result of this collaboration above.

Even though this is a thinly veiled bit of marketing fluff, it's a gorgeous video, and another testament to how versatile the game's tools are. Over on the PlayStation Blog, art director Kareem Ettouney explains in detail how the team made the video, and it's a very interesting read.

Apparently, the original plan was to merge live footage of Noah with elements made using the game, but because of the pandemic, Media Molecule pivoted to a video wholly made in-game. Not only did the team make the video itself in Dreams, it also used the title to make storyboards and concept art.

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