There are many things that make Horizon Zero Dawn special, but one of the most iconic things about the game is its roster of robot creatures. The far future landscape is dominated by machines resembling dinosaurs and other animal life, and this juxtaposes with the beautiful environment you explore as Aloy. The machines are awesome, in other words, and so we're glad they're coming back in the PlayStation 5 sequel, Horizon Forbidden West.

It was never in doubt that they'd return, but there was always the question of variety. Would we see brand new machines in the follow-up? As we now know, the answer is yes; the debut trailer unveils a few new robo-beasts we'll be up against. Other than that, though, details are slim.

Fortunately, Guerrilla has been sharing some insight on these new creatures via its social channels. Over on Twitter, the studio has profiled the Shellsnapper, the Bristleback, and the Sunwing, all of which appear in the reveal video. The former is an amphibious machine with a super-tough shell:

Next is a herd class machine that'll put up a fight rather than running away:

The latter are flying machines that use their solar panel-like wings to store energy:

Presumably, Guerrilla will slowly unveil more monsters and details as time goes on. Are you excited for Horizon Forbidden West? What do you think of the new machines so far? Craft some arrows in the comments section below.