God of War Microtransactions PS5 PlayStation 5 1

PlayStation 5 games could cost more than the PlayStation 4 if NBA 2K21 is anything to go by. The basketball simulation will cost $69.99 on Sony’s next-gen console, compared to the more traditional $59.99 on the company’s current-gen device. And God of War director Cory Barlog believes this is the correct step for publishers to take, as he’d prefer higher prices over “cash grab microtransactions”.

Writing on Twitter, he said: “Games need to go up in price. [I] prefer an initial increase in price to the always-on cash grab microtransaction-filled hellscape that some games have become.” The irony here is that 2K Sports’ basketball franchise is famous for its aggressive monetisation model, and despite its higher price tag, we just can't imagine the publisher doing away with its controversial microtransactions.

Nevertheless, we see Barlog’s point: we’d much rather pay a few extra bucks for a title upfront if it means we’re getting the full experience without having to purchase parts piecemeal. We’ll have to wait and see which direction the industry eventually heads, but with more publishers purportedly pondering higher price points, microtransactions are going to be under more scrutiny than ever before.

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