DualSense PS5 PlayStation 5 Controller

What will the PlayStation 5 console look like? Our community has had its say, but we're none the wiser on what form the real deal will take. The DualSense controller may offer some clues with its two-tone design, but other than that and an oddly-shaped dev kit, we've no idea what to expect from the machine's physical appearance.

It turns out we may not be alone. While anyone outside of the company can't be expected to know, you'd think PlayStation's own staff and studios might have some knowledge of the darned thing. While some will certainly have seen the console, others are claiming ignorance.

Mark Healey is co-founder and creative director at Media Molecule, and he seems to be just as keen to see the final PS5 design as anyone else:

As Healey says, Sony has been running an extremely tight ship lately, keeping certain things on lockdown for fear of leaks. We imagine Media Molecule and other PlayStation Studios teams have been tinkering with the PS5 dev kit, but whether they've seen the final PS5 is another question. If we're to go by Healey's words, it would seem even some first party studios have yet to see the next-gen box.

For what it's worth, we wouldn't necessarily expect a hardware reveal during tomorrow's PS5 event; Sony seemed to imply it will be purely about the games.

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