For as bleak as the original game is, The Last of Us: Part II looks like it's taking things down an even darker path. Naughty Dog's latest, which is just over a week away now, has had a handful of trailers, and they all depict a grim world full of violence. It's the last thing you'd associate with something as harmless and colourful as LEGO, but this is the internet, and the internet has delivered.

Yes, someone has remade one of the game's trailers via the respected art of LEGO animation. You can view it above, and we would recommend you do. Created by Pavel Prokhorov, the story trailer which reintroduced us to Joel has been painstakingly reconstructed using the Danish toy bricks, and it's amazing.

The video has caught the attention -- and approval -- of the game's creators. Halley Gross, who co-wrote the game alongside Neil Druckmann, was particularly excited: "Um someone remade our whole trailer out of legos and I’m ON THE FLOOR," she wrote on Twitter. Druckmann also shared the video on the social site: "So. Damn. Good."

With awesome fan creations like this, it's fair to say excitement levels are high. The Last of Us Part 2 finally arrives on 19th June. What do you think of this LEGO makeover? Build on your thoughts in the comments section below.

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